Gopal Tangirala

Vice President, Melbourne

Gopal Tangirala was born in Repalle, Guntur Distict AP, India. Gopal migrated to Australia in 1981 and living in Melbourne ever since except for a two-year stint in America from 1984 to 85. Gopal completed his Master degree in Physics in Andhra University and went on to do his Master degree in Computer Science at McMaster University in Canada. Gopal worked in the IT industry for 39 years in various countries including Australia, America and India. Gopal is married to Vijaya and have a son, Neil and daughter, Samantha.Gopal is known for his social work in Melbourne Indian and Telugu communities. Gopal started his community work as a volunteer with Telugu community in Melbourne, became the founding secretary of Telugu Association of Australia (TAAI) in 1992. Over time, Gopal worked with Telugu and Indian communities in various capacitiesfor the last 27 years. Gopal served TAAI not only as a founding secretary but also as president of TAAI during 2001/02, 2009/10 and 2015/16 years. Gopal isinvolved as a community worker and General Council member with Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV). Gopal is also involved with Monash Lions Club (MLC) over the last several years and worked as treasurer of MLC. Gopal was a member of Federation of Telugu Associations of Australia (FTAA) Interim committee and an inaugural vice president of FTAA during 2016 to 18. Gopal thanks TAAI and other FTAA member organisations for making it possible to serve the Telugu communities of Australia.